Friday, March 18, 2011

the everyday

keepin it simple...

Well hey there baby cakes!

yup, pretty darn cute.

planting time! Nothing like getting dirt under your fingernails. Photobucket

sweet Maggie.  Sometimes I wonder what in the heck I do all day, then I just look at this picture... Photobucket

First taste of FOOD.  Mag-pie sure loved gnawing on that apple...Photobucket

I can just see the day coming when Rachel begs me for a pony. She sure loves riding with Aunt Krystal! Photobucket


Mary Anne said...

How fun that you're planting your garden! Ahhh...the weather has been nicer lately and we've been yard-working it up! haven't started planting, but that is just the best. Love the pictures. The everyday is the best.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like you and your girls have a lot of fun together :)

Camille said...

Really enjoyed the pictures, glad to still keep up with your life, even though you're gone. Miss you!