Sunday, August 15, 2010

Your killing me smalls!

One of my all time favorite movies is Sandlot... I grew up on baseball and this movie was a staple in our house.   And well, I had an, "Your killing me smalls!" moment today.  You know when the mom is telling smalls... "go run outside, scrape your knees, get dirty, get into trouble for goodness sakes!" (it went something like that) and then she said, "How many moms tell their kids that?"

Well, I think I'm one of those moms.

Today there was a battle... Raisins vs. Brownies.  I had this I idea that Rachel and I would make brownies and go nuts!  And although she enjoyed the brownies, she was quite perturbed with me when I took away her raisins and gave her brownie batter.  So much so that when I finally gave her back her raisins, she was more overjoyed than when I gave her a spoon full of brownie batter.

But as you can see... Rachel wasn't going to let a perfectly good spoon of chocolate go to waste... so I suppose I'm raising her right, haha.



All I have left to say is... "YOUR KILLING ME SMALLS!"


Tyler and Jess said...

That's what I'm talking about. Get those brownies.

Jeni said...

Hey Jess, your blog is so stinking cute! Love ya!!

Mary Anne said...

Look at that girl with that spoon! Yes, her mama is teaching her WELL! But raisins over brownie batter??? Funny. We had a moment like that with finger paint. I got all domestic and made finger paint for her and when I put her hands in it she FLIPPED OUT! Oh geez...but that was a while ago, maybe we should try it again :)