Saturday, August 28, 2010


I want to be able to make a baby blanket for each of my babies... problem is... I'm not much at sewing.  But thanks to my friend Mary Anne, who showed me how to make this simple quilt, as well as the sewing advice and babysitting services of my amazing mother-in-law; my wish came true. Thanks so much! Ya'll are the best! :)




Mary Anne said...

JESS! It turned out great! Look at you all prepared and stuff...I still have yet to do one for Canon! Oh this just brings back memories of our sleepover...TOO MUCH FUN! Miss you, hope you are doing okay. That is to say, as okay as you can be in these sorts of circumstances :)

Tyler and Jess said...

thanks! I miss you woman! next sleepover project: Canon's quilt! hahaha!