Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of her favorite things...


This is "The Nap Puppy".  I first saw this little dude at the Brookstone Store in the Woodlands Mall around christmastime. If you know that store, he wasn't cheap.  He would be the only thing that Rachel would get with her allotted Christmas budget.  Tyler thought we could do way better.  He was right, we could have gotten her multiple presents instead of this one.  But! I had what I like to call a "Mommy Image".  I just imagined her dragging her "nap puppy" around everywhere by the ear.  I was hooked... and Tyler said "OK, if you really think so".
We left him at Grandma Payne's house back in May, and he arrived in the mail last weekend.  I didn't think Rachel would get so excited (she's not really attached to any one particular item).  But she did!  She gave him tons of kisses and hugs, and would squeal and squawk with her nap puppy in hand!

Some of my "Mommy Images" have panned out, others not so much.  I'm so glad that this one did! :)

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Jeni said...

Too cute! Jesi use to tote around fleece blankets. She would drag them absolutely everywhere so I (of course!) saved them & they are in a box in our stoarge shed just waiting for me to think up some clever quilt to make them in to or.... something. Mommy visions are fun, huh? Hope more of yours come true!