Sunday, August 22, 2010





The past two Sundays I've whipped out my camera to take and get a few cute shots of Rach.  I open up the front door and she takes off behind cars, around trees, through the grass.  She'll go anywhere to get away from Mommy and that silly camera.  I've gotta come up with a new strategy for next Sunday... hmmmm.
Well for now, these are the best I could do.  Yes, seriously.


Mary Anne said...

Ha ha I love it. Cute skirt! Did you make that???

Shelley said...

They are still pretty darn cute pictures!

Kate said...

She's adorable, what can I say! How fun to be a mom with a little girl you can dress up in cute clothes.

Jeni said...

Too cute! My kids don't pose very well either. I've been paying Jessica to pose for pics for my biz. (Which, btw, sorry about not getting a box out to you yet; I bit off more that I can chew!)

Also, I love your "Consider the Lilies" blog. That passage & the part about about how Heavenly Father feeds the birds, will He not feed us, who he loves so much more than birds, as well? I've referred to that lots of times. Thanks for being so very terrific, Jess!