Thursday, October 3, 2013

My CrossFit Pregnancy Journey: Final Chapter!

I've arrived.
I've arrived to that place where being a sleep deprived, postpartum, recovering Mommy sounds far better than being pregnant.
I've arrived to that wonderful land of "please let me be done already!".
Only 4 days left until I hold my little man and I can't wait to get this party started.
We are SO excited!!!!

Not only that but I can say loud and clear that I've accomplished my fitness goal of this pregnancy.
I have done CrossFit daily throughout these last 39 weeks!!!

A few of us prego CrossFitters wanted to do a CrossFit baby shower. I suggested we do a baby WOD and make everyone wear balloons under their shirts! It was a HOOT!
Here is the workout:
Hilarious no? :)
 photo DSC_6239_zps31bf5667.jpg
The girls who didn't need balloons!
 It has been so fun to share experiences and and figure out this whole- "CrossFit pregnancy" thing together! Often we'll facebook eachother and meet up at the same class time or gripe and complain about how much we have to scale down... and the list goes on and on.
I love these two!
 photo DSC_6235_zps8ec52df2.jpg
The whole "pregnant" group! hahaha!
 photo 1229931_10200512939573863_203205088_n_zps89b71eef.jpg
Tyler was such a cheater! I think he's carrying a little too high, don't ya think???
I was very tempted to stuff a 20lb sandbag under his shirt and secure it with duck tape... but I resisted.
 photo 1186136_10200512935173753_1774161225_n_zps296ca9fa.jpg
We made a good team. :)
Couples that CrossFit together, stay together.
 photo 1185001_10200514233486210_1093894183_n_zpse0781c94.jpg
Givin' those babies some love!
On a more serious note- I love this man so much. He has been so amazing during this pregnancy. Seriously ya'll, you have no idea how crazy I've been! I'm so thankful he is my best friend! He kicked me out the door every day to go to the gym! Now that folks it a best friend!
 photo Untitled-1_zps336e10ef.jpg
This is me at 36 wks doing push press during a WOD. I pushed pressed 75lbs over 70 times during that workout... and it felt good.
 photo 1240292_10202138537449501_2144017050_n_zps5a703aed.jpg
All four of the prego girls at the gym! This only happened once! And we got a picture! 
yeah... who's the biggest? That would be me.

  •  photo 1240192_10151941661816719_1390709269_n_zps065a1926.jpgI think it's funny that most of these pictures I wearing the same outfit. I think my coaches are more prone to snap a shot with that tank top on! haha! You can see my belly real good in that one compared to Tyler's large shirts I normally wear! haha!
Rowing has become quite the challenge as of late- I think this was the last time I rowed during a workout. 
 photo IMG_1899_zpsaa3de058.jpg
Oh those kipping pull-ups! Gotta love them.
 photo IMG_1900_zpsd4bc3e72.jpg
My favorite workout partner!
Here's a story for you- you're going to think I'm crazy but I'm sure of it! 
So normally I make the 4:30 workout but one day I was running late and had to miss it. Tyler and I were talking and laying on the bed when all of the sudden 4:30 went by and this little guy kicked and kicked like you wouldn't believe! He wouldn't quit! 
As soon as I walked into the 5:30 class he immediately calmed down. 
Best story ever right? hahaha
He gets angry without his workout!
 photo 1098129_10103670042826634_1980199320_n_zpsaded7aad.jpg
Jessica K., Coach Amanda, and I
CrossFit Leander has the best coaches!
So I've got another story, I know you must be jumping out of you're seats! haha!
Yesterday (38.5 wks) just as soon as the time started and the WOD began a girl walked into the gym looks at me and exclaims, "OH MY GOSH! You haven't had that THING yet??"
I snapped.
I looked her in the eye and said, "The next person who says that to me is going to get punched in the face." I didn't laugh. Not even a smerk. I was dead serious. Then I continued with the WOD. Coach Amanda could see the, "I can't believe I just snapped at her" look on my face and said, "It's okay Jess. I don't blame you one bit." haha! 
Now that's a supportive coach.
 photo 1004919_10103611429463284_1719519097_n_zps4bc36640.jpg
I'm ending the post with a bang!
I was insecure about it, but Tyler told me I must! So here we go! 
We did a 1/2 Murph last week--- 
800m Run
50 pull-ups
100 push-ups
150 squats
800m Run
I pregnancy modified the run to a 4 minute power walk.
I did 30 kipping pull-ups out of the total 50. 
My coach videoed me! It's super weird in slow motion, but also kind of awesome!
37 wks ya'll!!! ---

Let the countdown begin!
I can't wait to hold my little man!!!!


William said...

You are sooooooo amazing!! The day you bowled over the entire family for FHE was an eye opener and ever since then I have had great respect for your strength of body and mind. Determination level on a scale of
1-10 is definitely a 12! Love ya! Momma Payne

Cami Jensen said...

I did 75 pounds on my push press today.... and I'm not pregnant... So now I feel weak ;) haha I love that you crossfit with Tyler. Travis and I really enjoy pushing each other and cheering on the other person

Unknown said...

I know we don't know each other super well, so I feel a little stalker-ish commenting, but I had to tell you that you are awesome! You are strong girl! I'm sure you already know that though!

I just stumbled on your blog today and ended up reading through a lot of your post. I love your blog! Your pictures are beautiful!