Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Night at the Park

She insisted that I give her pigtails and then she stuck that bow on top of her head.
She wore it like that all day.
Funny girl.
 photo DSC_6503_zps13c23e67.jpg
I love me a happy Maggie...
 photo DSC_6506_zps8dd607d6.jpg
Beautiful evening to spend playing at the park! I am loving this weather!
 photo DSC_6509_zpsa2b0996f.jpg
Love this one! 
Caught the little chin chubs! hehe...
 photo DSC_6516_zpsdce79211.jpg
"Mom, take a picture of me! Mom, I'm over here! Mom, look at this!"
She is one cute mess!
 photo DSC_6525_zpsa28a5ba4.jpg
All the other Moms shun their little kids away from the pole, but do I?
Couldn't if I tried. The girl has some dare devil in her blood.
 photo DSC_6551_zps782cf0df.jpg
Whew!!! Go Maggie!
 photo DSC_6555_zpsd21fbcb4.jpg
Beautiful shot! 
Frolicking through the fields... oh Rachel, please never grow up. 
 photo DSC_6567_zpsecf58b64.jpg
Miss Maggie is in park heaven...
 photo DSC_6588_zpsd0049ec0.jpg
hahahaha! OH THIS PICTURE!
Not posed!
She was actually kissing her guns. So my daughter.
 photo DSC_6602_zps7170ab1a.jpg
Alright girls! Time to go home! 
And this is how Maggie carries her shoes to the car... she never ceases to make me smile.
Goodnight all! 
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