Wednesday, September 15, 2010

water baby

Normal nightly routine= dinner, bath, scripture power, prayer, singing, bed.
Tonights routine= dinner, bath, sprinklers, scripture power, prayer, singing, bed.

After bath-time Rachel and I went outside to see what Daddy was doing.  As soon as the front door opened, it was apparent that Daddy was fixing a sprinkler head.  Rachel didn't hesitate: BAM! She was all up in that water.  As I watched my freshly bathed, sweet Johnson's and Johnson's smelling baby run out the front door toward the sprinklers, all I could think was, "I better go get the camera!".

I mean... you've gotta mix it up every now and then. :)





eden and david said...

too funny! love it.

Mary Anne said...

I love how she's not afraid to get wet! Sadie would never...