Monday, September 27, 2010

spoiled rotten

Yes, I have been spoiled rotten recently.  Let me prove it to you...

I've been dreaming about owning a chariot carrier for like... well forever.  But they are 600 bucks plus 100 more for every "kit" (strolling, running, biking) you buy.  So, in the end they cost something around 800 bucks. Holy Smokes!
Guess what I found on craigslist????  A DREAM COME TRUE!  This one is called a croozer, it's not as fancy as the chariot, but I think it's even cooler.  Cuz!, it's a stroller, jogger, and bike trailer all in one!!!! And it was wayyyyy cheaper!  Incredible, don't ya think?


Next, something I stuck my nose up at the first time I was pregnant... a recliner.  I thought recliners were clunky and awkward, and refused to have one of those in MY baby room.  I insisted we get a glider, cuz they are just prettier.  But let's face it, they aren't as comfy and they are difficult to fall asleep in.  At least the ones in my price range.  So, we searched and searched all over Houston for a micro-suede recliner, and we found one!  Tyler was going to make sure that I got one this time... and after the millionth furniture we finally found one in our price range- and even got the floor model tax free! It's funny how your views of things change.  Ain't she a beauty?


And lastly, my best friend is home! (he's been home for a couple weeks) BUT HE'S STILL HOME!  Rachel has been having a blast playing with her Daddy.




I am one lucky girl.    


Mary Anne said...

Jess what a fun post! Awesome find on the croozer...I'm sure it will get plenty of use. And the recliner...oh recliners are SO MUCH better than gliders! Gliders have hard arm rests that bonk your baby's head, and you're can't sleep as well in one. How fun. And YAY for Tyler being home!

Better watch out. Next thing you know you'll be driving a minivan.

Shelley said...

We bought a recliner for the 2nd too, the best investment we ever made! I lived in that thing the first few weeks. Also, hooray for Tyler being home!

Anonymous said...

Oh! How fun! :) Sometimes it's nice to be the one getting spoiled! Enjoy all your new toys!!

Kate said...

Nicely done with the finds!! I love it when you can find something that you've been looking for and then get the bonus of getting it for less than you'd planned. And yay (!!!) for Tyler being home! I miss you!