Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sweet Home College Station

We went to Aggieland this weekend and GOODNESS GRACIOUS!- I cried coming in and then I cried leaving.  Oh how I love Aggieland.  It will always be home.

We met up with all our friends at Raising Canes.  It was a blast!  Nothing like chicken fingers and good friends! We also had to hit up a tent sale (of course), and then went to a BBQ out at a friends house.  I wish we could have stayed longer and visited more people, so I guess we'll have a save that for our next trip.

I'm also proud to announce that the Fightin Texas Aggie Football team BTHO F.I.U!!!!!!!! 3-0 baby.
 good times.

On the way... I love how she fell asleep with her sunglasses on. 

 Rachel and Davanee- buddies since birth!  These two aggie girls wouldn't look at the dang camera! Except in this one. :)  And uh... Miss Rachel, didn't I tell you to stop stealing Davanee's fries?  Busted.Photobucket

Those two turkeys again- I couldn't help but reminisce a little.  Look at our little chublets!Photobucket


Anonymous said...

How fun! :) I'm sad we weren't around to visit! I'm glad to see good old Aggieland is still great!

Cari said...

So Cute :)
I agree on Aggieland being home!

James & Kristen said...

We went to College Station this weekend, too! It was such an awesome feeling remembering all the wonderful things that happened when we lived there. Soooo many memories! Aggieland will always be special to us, too! :)

Glen and Kris Payne said...

Can Rachel walk around my house with her cute sunglasses on and steal my fries, and play in my splinkler, and turn into a conehead? How about coming to dinner - NEXT WEEK!! Love ya, - Mom