Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hair Today.... Gone Tomorrow

HAH! I knew that title would catch your attention! ... I haven't actually cut my hair yet. It's gotten sooooooooooo long and pretty. BUT! ITS ANNOYING AND TANGLE Y! I've been planning to cut it short (somewhere between a bob and shoulder length) for ages, and finally the moment draws near... and I'm beginning to chicken out.

Have you ever heard this... "When people have babies they cut their hair short.... AND TURN INTO MOMMIES." NOw... turning into a "Mommy" is awesome... but having a "Mommy" hair cut makes me feel like... i don't know... nervous. haha LIke I'm gonna turn all stuffy. Also.. will cutting it short make me look fat? hahahaha

I need some encouragement... some confidence from you! ANd if you don't have it... don't say anything at all! haha.

And just a random thought I had the other day... Does anyone else sneeze when they pluck their eyebrows? That is if you pluck yours... I have to! OR I look like Oscar the Grouch or some vodka drinking Russian


Rebecca Cooper said...

Don't chicken out!! Cutting your hair is fun. You'll have a new look, and if by some chance you don't like it...it is hair and will grow back!! But I think it is going to look great and that you have nothing to worry about!

p.s. no i don't sneeze when i pluck, but i have heard of it before!

Jeni said...

You would look darling w/ a short hair cut! I could see you w/ it a bit spikey in the back? Something sassy, right? No worries about the stuffy thing. However it turns out I can't wait to see it (& U!) at Christmas!

& no I don't sneeze when I pluck. How cute!


Tyler and Jess said...

Definitely cut your hair. You will look amazing. By the way your phone is off and I need you to call me. I know this is probably the best way to contact you, since you never answer your phone.