Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby Swing

Rachel loves being outside. Lately any time we go outside she starts giggling with joy. Jessica was pretty sick today, so i took Rachel to the Park. One of her favorite things to do is to swing in the baby swings. She could stay in those swings for hours. She has even started to use her charm on her daddy so that she can stay a little longer.This is the expression she has on her face during the first 15 minutes in the swing.

This is how she lets us know that she is simply to cute to be taken from the swing.

This is what happens when we take her out of the swing. The slide is just not good enough.

And this is the "Oh no!!! Daddy is coming to get me, look distraught and cute at the same time! Maybe he'll leave you alone for another couple of minutes." After this, she normally hangs on for dear life and will not let the swing go. The rest of the story is not nearly as sweet.


Jeni said...

What cute expressions! Hope Jessica gets better!

Rebecca Cooper said...

the second picture is really cute!!

Holly said...

Wow! She is a doll.