Monday, November 19, 2018

Halloween 2018

Get ready for the cutest thing you've ever seen!!! 
Ok, Ok, the cutest thing I'VE ever seen! 

Mario Luke...
That mustache grin though! :)
Mario obsessed and I'm loving it! haha
Our trick or treat crew!!!
Mario and a freshly shaven Luigi! I tried... haha...
Jake WAS NOT HAPPY about wearing overalls. In fact he screamed the entire time he had to wear them except for this picture! This was a "if you don't smile one time at the camera, you will get NO CANDY!" hahahahaha. I'm such a mean Mom. 
Proof! And Tyler's face. hahahahahahaha. Fatherhood at its finest right there! Oh babe, thank you for putting up with Jake and me. hahaha! 
A tale of two sisters that were completely different than each other! It's hard to explain... but their differences complement each other. I've been telling them for years how much they need each other and I do believe one day they'll see it too. 
THIS!!! Will be printed. It's perfect. 
Unicorns. A Maggie obsession that began about a year ago and I believe will never ever end. 

Seriously though, I know I say this every time. But yeah, they're are growing up so so fast. 
Like, I should measure them before and after they go to bed. There'd be a difference! 
Evidence!!! He did have a mustache! hahaha! Such a turkey. 
Happiness in a photo...
Butterfly wings and Unicorn Tails...
Luke and his bff Caleb! They love each other. And it makes my heart happy.

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