Thursday, October 25, 2018

Luke's Birthday Pick!

We don't go all out with big parties. Sometimes I feel bad about it... but then I don't. 
bahahaha- I'm hilarious. 
Anyway- We always let our kids pick a fun family activity that they want to do for their birthday. Luke's pick this year was the cabin and the beach. 
Best pick ever!
So most of these pictures are of Jake... because he was the only kid not totally in the ocean the entire time. 
And... butt crack.  hahaha! 
I mean... its the cutest thing ever.
 Hey little boy!
 Birthday Boy!

This picture is Joy. 
 This pictures makes me want to eat his cute tummy.
It was truly the perfect day. It was a normal school day in October. In the 90's.
No one else around! It was perfection. Just like this picture. 
 To the water!!! These kids kept getting deeper and deeper making my Momma heart pound! haha!
They had so much fun! 
Something about this picture that I couldn't pass up. 
It fills me with gratitude. 
 This hazy picture of Maggie fishing is what life is all about!
And the BAM POW KABOOM finish! 

A moment in time that will never be forgotten. 

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Josh and Denise said...

oooooooooooohhhhhh myyyyyyyyy wooooooooord!!!! I just can't even. THOSE LAST PICTURES ARE WORTH A MILLION BUCKS!