Thursday, August 30, 2018

Texas Bluebonnets 2018

I mean, traditions are freaking amazing! Think about it for a second. 
It's something we do... over and over again. Because we love it! 
Texas wildflowers are a favorite tradition for the Payne family. 

Can you seriously believe how big these two are getting???
I have several "momisms". You know those things you say over and over again?
Yep, you know what I'm talking about. 
When these two are not getting along I always say, "YOU'RE SO LUCKY TO HAVE A SISTER!"
Seriously though- LUCKY. 
Sometimes I just can't get over how different these two are! 
Night and Day different.
I love how individual our spirits are! No matter your parents or environment- you come to this earth as YOU! 
I can't even believe I was so worried about having girls! Man, I broke down in tears at the thought of having girls! lol! Such a goofball! 
Now I know this amazing, MINDBLOWING truth. Little girls grow up to be your best friends.

Jake is at that age where he sees the camera and literally runs the opposite direction.
Distraction, bribes, and acting like complete fools were all apart of getting these pictures! 
Complete and total fools. 
But LOOK!!! So worth it! haha! 
This kid is seriously my sunshine. He keeps me going and brightens all my days.
Sometimes I never want to let him go to bed. 
Just kidding. Bedtime rocks.
I finally got a baby with little dimples. 
Permission to close the baby oven-
Those dark brown eyes melt my Momma heart like butter on a hot biscuit.
Little man...
There's something about the baby of the family.
I treasure each stage so much more because I know how fast it goes now.
I don't sweat the small stuff like disinfecting pacifiers or their "cognitive/monitor abilities"!
SO SO STUPID. If you're doing that- STOP IT RIGHT NOW. 
Life is too short.
Things will work out.
He's my boyfriend. Sorry Tyler.
He is becoming the coolest little boy on the planet.
No joke.
He snorts when he laughs. He makes jokes. He beats everyone at MarioCart.
He is a boss man.
And he's still a Momma's boy.
This smile!!! He saw me exhausting all my efforts to get Jake to look at the camera... and said, "MOM! I'll smile for you!!!!"
STOP IT. You're the best Luke.
All that gusto to help Momma out with pictures! hahaha!
He's so handsome. My boy. 
Tyler- how'd we make such an awesome kid? Still blows my mind.
I love you Luke. More than you'll ever know. 
Everyone calls you my mini-me- but girl, you're way prettier.
I can't believe she's in 4th grade now. 
She's strong.
She's sensitive.
She's kind.
She's funny.
She's so so nurturing.
Jake always asks for her during the day when I won't give him what he wants! 
She is such a softie for her little brother. 
And when I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up it's always-
"A Mommy" :)
Holy crap. We're identical. haha!
Maggie Ila,
You glow with confidence! And you know it.
Best part about Maggie-
She's completely and totally unapologetic when its come to being her true authentic, booger eating, unicorn loving, sparkly shoe loving, play in the mud, be anyones friend, buck tooth, callused feet SELF. 
She's my spirit animal. 
That peachy complexion and those green eyes... absolutely breathtaking.
To my Babies,
Whatever gets throw at you- no matter the struggle- no matter the heartache- no matter failures and successes- NEVER forget that your Momma has your back. I love you fiercely. With all my might I love you. Don't you ever forget it.


Unknown said...

That’s the best post ever! Those kids are all so unique and amazing. You and Tyler doing a great job! Love you so much Nana and Pop

Glen and Kris Payne said...

What a blog!! You captured their personalities with such beauty!