Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jake Kisses

 What makes the world spin?
Angular momentum you say?
The tides... the moon... the galaxy?
Nope. If those were your answers you'd be wrong.
Jake Kisses.
Jake kisses make the world spin. 
I love that crack of light in between their faces. 
That's where magic lives.
Although this was taken a while ago- his kisses are the same.
Slobbery, sweet, and all the goodness! 
But can we talk about those big brown eyes for a second??? 
Like- Holy Smokes.
You'd think brown eyes would be dull compared to other eye colors... but no--- they are my favorite to photograph! We you get that shine on them! AHHHH! It's everything.
And no- I can't say no to this face.
When I close my eyes, I can almost feel this picture. 
That super soft baby skin, fuzzy hair, and long eyelashes touching my nose...
When time fades memories, this is a feeling I never want to forget.

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