Thursday, April 16, 2015

Two years later... M&M's Wedding!!!

So I'm going to make this brief... 
Sometimes families are HARD. 
Today marks my brother and his beautiful wife's 2nd wedding anniversary!
I remember the day very vividly. I was a ball of nerves. The whole drive up to Salt Lake City from Austin, TX I was a ball of nerves. You see, I was the wedding photographer.
Nothing gets me more excited or more nervous than wedding photography.
You get one chance. 
ONE chance.
And then the big day is over.

I was excited. So so so very excited. 
I researched good poses for the Salt Lake Temple. And I prayed like hell for good weather. 
And it was perfect. Even SNOWED. Seriously magical. At least for this Texas girl.

Back to my original statement. 
Families are hard.
Its true. Due to a MAJOR miscommunication, for almost two years Mariela and I thought the worst of each other.

Did I mention that I HATE drama???
I avoid it at all costs. 
And apparently so does Mariela because we both didn't speak of all this until about a month ago!
Goodness Gracious. 

Families are Forever.
Families are hard.
But I wouldn't change it for the world.

Happy Anniversary Mike and Mariela!

(cheesy I know- but I watched Toy Story with that boy so many times its ingrained in my heart! Lol!) 

Here they are!!! The newlyweds!!!
 photo DSC_2284_zps67ate45n.jpg
Mariela- One with the TEMPLE!!! yay!
 photo DSC_2664 copy_zps5nrupthm.jpg
 photo DSC_2317-Recovered_zpsjyhiiq9g.jpg
Mariela's beautiful family minus two sisters setting up for the reception...
 photo DSC_2426 copy_zps4vhmubzn.jpg
The Texas crew! With Mr. Luke in my tummy... 
 photo DSC_2407 copy_zpsdjxjocrt.jpg
What a good lookin couple!
 photo DSC_2741-Recovered-Recovered_zps5su6z261.jpg
I adore this one.
Snow flurries and tulips!
 photo DSC_2619 copy_zpskz3rjjkm.jpg
The lighting in this one turned out just dreamy...
 photo DSC_2803 copy_zpswm2cl7wl.jpg
My favorite... don't know why, just is...
 photo DSC_2678sun_zpst22wt2wy.jpg
SHA-BAM- married!
 photo DSC_2687-Recovered_zps627lldvx.jpg
These three make my heart happy...
 photo DSC_2812 copy_zpstsd9cmi7.jpg
As you can see- it was a little harder for Mariela to reach Mike...
 photo DSC_2814 copy_zpscpgsqsst.jpg
He's had that face since like... forever!
 photo DSC_2822 copy_zps2lsje8ps.jpg
Happy Anniversary you two!
Families are Forever.
 photo DSC_2923-Recovered_zpsazsb1brz.jpg

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Rifka Jensen said...

Love it and I love Mike and Mariela! One of my favorite couples!