Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

It's 7am the morning after Halloween. Clearly, my kids don't sleep in. EVER. 
So why not do a little blogging? 
Yes ma'am! I said blogging!!!

The mermaid and the witch... 
 photo DSC_5376copy_zpsa459f266.jpg
I think the make-up I let Rachel wear took her sassiness to another level! haha! 
I didn't even know it was possible! 
 photo DSC_5378copy_zps6c358833.jpg
Luke the baby dragon! 
So, I took Luke out for one year old shots a week ago and it was the hardest thing ever! 
My baby is growing up! No more looking and smiling at the camera- he's got more important things to do!
 photo DSC_5391copy_zpse9d25405.jpg
My little witch!
"Maggie, are you a good witch or a bad witch?"
"I'm a GOOD witch Mom!" 
 photo DSC_5414copy_zps5327343f.jpg
Drop dead gorgeous Rachel "mermaid" eyes!
 photo DSC_5408copy_zps4219e3ab.jpg
The dragon on a mission... such curious eyes... 
 photo DSC_5419_zps3d1d2d92.jpg
First stop- the Bonners! Our neighbors are members of the church too! 
The are kind of like our Grandma and Grandpa neighbors. The girls adore them!
 photo DSC_5440copy_zps88f93e60.jpg
This was the slowest the girls went all night. 
They were seriously running so fast it was hard to catch them!
 photo DSC_5448copy_zpsd492a1c9.jpg
Oh, and this house slowed them down too... That's as far as they would go... hahaha! 
I don't blame them one bit! Looks pretty creepy to me!
 photo DSC_5456copy_zps4637b9af.jpg

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Kate said...

Can't believe Rachel is in kindergarten! Love the costumes and watching kids get into the spirit of Halloween! Miss you!