Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lieutenant Payne

It happened!!!! Yes, Tyler is now officially a graduate and an officer! He graduated with his bachelors, masters, and commissioned into the U.S Army all in one day! I am so proud of my amazing husband and all that he has accomplished. Through all the classes, meetings, major assignments, capstone project, ROTC, and bishopric tasks, he has always put the Lord and his family first. And the thing about all of it is that he made it look so EASY! He was born a true leader, and has a gift for dealing with stress and always being positive about any situation. I love him so much and am so grateful that the Lord blessed me with a Moroni-like husband. He is a solider.

We packed up and headed out of College Station this week. It was defenatly a bittersweet moment. So many things have happened since my Dad first dropped me off at the Corps dorms. I found myself and my soul mate in College Station. I will never forget what I learned there and all the amazing friends I've made. Gig'em Ags!


Jeni said...

Aaaaaah. You made me tear up seeing my 2 brothers looking so handsome & proud to serve their country. Thanks for posting this.

Lots of Love,

Kate said...

Congrats Tyler! What an awesome accomplishment. Don't worry about leaving BCS; I've found the place to be a black hole that sucks you back. Good luck with what's next and keep us posted!