Saturday, May 1, 2010


Nana B. and I went to the Baby Gap about a month and a half ago to look for an Easter dress for lil' Rach.... and guess what I found!!!!!!!!!!!!!? JELLY SHOES! Yes, I'm in love. I remember wearing those things around everywhere when I was a kid, and LOOK they still have them. And they have gotten even cuter. :)Nana got Rachel two pairs... clear and pink. I know what you're thinking... goodness gracious, Converse and now Jellies!? haha, sorry, It's a curse.

It just so happened that Tyler and I went on a temple date last weekend, and I being the schemer that I am found a way to get to the woodlands for dinner... and as you may have guessed, the Baby Gap is in the Woodlands.... sneaky sneaky! And well... I saw orange and was sold on the spot. Tyler just rolls his eyes and says... Okay, that's it! Buy 'em and lets get outta here! That was just fine with me... I was complete, I had orange jellies in my hand, seriously, what else could I need and I can't find at a garage sale? hahaha!


Cari said...

i. love. jellies.

MoniQuerida said...

Good one best friend!! i love the orange jellies and I love your pictures! You should definitely take pics for my wedding! :) love you!