Monday, September 28, 2009

September Happenings!

I love baby feet.... esp. ones with cute baby shoes: ) I love shoes! Tyler says they are unecesary but I think they're totally necessary and FUN! haha
The only two babies at the University Ward Dance! They get so much attention! :)
I love this picture of Nana and Grandad
5 Generations on my Mommy's side! Mary Lou, Nana, Nana B., Me, and Rach
Gotta love it
Cute family
Rachel and Great Grandma Barrow
Mike Barrow- The Elder
I LOVE this picture!
Mommy and baby giggling
She was so comfortable sitting like that
Playing at the park
The whole family at the country dance in Snook

September has been a great month! Rachel is getting bigger and bigger! And I think she might be working on her next two teeth already... but I'm not completely sure. Anyway, we're just chillin and havin fun! Take it easy!


Jeni said...

So cute! Love the flashy shoes! Definitely necessary. Chelsea wil NOT wear shoes. (sniff sniff)

Josh and Denise said...
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Josh and Denise said...

I love these! Her smile is just getting bigger and bigger!

Kate said...

I must agree with Tyler on the shoes thing; I'd go barefoot all the time if I could. Love the family pictures!