Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mommy Power!

I just want to say something to my Mommy and Mama Payne... (or should I say Nana and Grandma).... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! Ya'll are the BEST!!!
I didn't realize how big of a wreck I'd be after having a baby! Every time she'd cry, I'd cry with her because I just didn't know what she wanted. Everyone knows that babies cry, but I never realized how it'd make me feel when MY baby cried! And when we brought her home from the hospital I was scared I would break her or something. But I'm happy to announce that shes not broken. haha.
I'm so grateful that I had so much help! It was wonderful. Thank You Mommys!

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Britney said...

Yeah, before I had my baby I thought newborn baby cries weren't that bad, but when I brought my baby home, his cries sounded awful! Now that I'm getting used to him and figuring out what his cries mean, it's not that bad!