Thursday, April 2, 2009

Almost there

The infamous toy box!!! Turned out much bigger than I expected. Bishop let us use his garage and tools on this one.
I don't have a before picture but it used to just be a natural wood end table.. and I spiced it up a bit. It was fun learning to tile.
The blue dresser (thanks Mom and Dad)! And the pink converse. Uncle Mike made sure baby Rachel starts life out right with a pair of converse kicks!
The bassinet my mommy and I were both cradled in. Newly painted with fresh ribbon!!
The awesome deal of a crib I found, Tyler's mommy present to me (the glider), the beautiful Momma Payne baby blanket, and the changing table Mark and Maggie gave to us with a new slab of orange paint! Yes. good stuff.

I feel soooo grateful, so I thought I'd tell everybody thank you for helping me get ready for the baby. To everyone who has helped with making blankets, pitching in on big purchases, letting us borrow a swing, given us clothes, thrown baby showers, given advice, let us stay in the garage painting until 1 in the morning... and it just keeps going--- THANK YOU GUYS!!!! :) We truly have great people in our lives. I am also going to be mushy... get ready.... I LOVE YOU TYLER! MUAH! I have to thank you for putting up with me lately... pregnant ladies aren't so easy to deal with! And you keep loving me anyway, thanks babe.

Tyler also told me to post pictures of the baby stuff we've worked on. Maybe a few finishing touches but I think it's all about done!

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Jeni said...

Soooo cute! Love the toy box! Happy delivery!