Friday, June 26, 2015

Swimming at Nana and Pop's House!

Every time we visit Nana and Pop in the summer we HAVE to go to THIS pool.
Its a favorite and we've now gone for three summers in a row. CRAZY.
It's only fitting to begin with a picture of this crazy girl.
Pretty sure she's half fish.
 photo DSC_1034 copy_zpsmnxozcfr.jpg
The SLIDE!!!
 photo DSC_1056 copy_zpsyyvgutd6.jpg
Who's awesome?
They're awesome.
 photo DSC_1145 copy_zpsmilswrxn.jpg
And my sweet baby. 
Once he figured out that his floatie wasn't so bad after all (took an hour), he quite enjoyed himself.
 photo DSC_1139_zpsyqmkh6vx.jpg
Oh the side crinkle nose and snort! hahaha!
Swimming IS fun! Who knew?
 photo DSC_1123 copy_zps6vxgwa7d.jpg
Such a handsome little man.
 photo DSC_1101 copy_zpsunufo6hc.jpg
This toothless smile makes me so very happy.
 photo DSC_1043 copy_zpsdnzgfiir.jpg
Posing everywhere she goes... hahaha!
 photo DSC_1038 copy_zps7yk3odfu.jpg
I'm so glad I caught this face!!!!
It's the same face he makes when he see's a cool rock or I hand him a bowl of watermelon... 
 photo DSC_1016 copy_zpslqzqzdj9.jpg
Do mind if I do!
 photo DSC_1022 copy_zpsl7q1c4xh.jpg
The elusive Maggie! Notice there aren't many pictures of her in here.
It's because she's lightning fast and seems to be everywhere all at once!
 photo DSC_1077 copy_zpsus1wemp8.jpg
Nana took one for the team and went down the slide with Luke. 
And I'm pretty sure she loved it. :) 
 photo DSC_1212 copy_zpstxynpx45.jpg
And break time!
He must be eating three cucumbers at once or none all at all.
This boy. Such a mess. But I love every ounce of him.
 photo DSC_0986 copy_zpsyelqottg.jpg
Get those cucumbers Luke!
 photo DSC_0981 copy_zpsakd6o3az.jpg
Game face is ON and these babies are going down! hahaha!
 photo DSC_0993 copy_zpsoygrgzir.jpg
This picture! He looks so much like his Daddy in this picture.
Stop growing LUKE! stop it!
 photo DSC_0970 copy_zps3tupxfyl.jpg
Thanks for the great visit Nana and Pop! 
Can't wait until next time!


Unknown said...

That pool does look really cool! And the pictures are gorgeous! You really are a great photographer!

Pop and Nana said...

Fun, fun, fun!! They really are growing too fast!!! Love ya!!