Thursday, December 10, 2009

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

I finally decided what I wanted to spend my graduation money on! ... yes I graduated a year ago, hey!, I like to condsider all my options ;)

Anyway, I considered skydiving, bedroom furniture, a yellow kitchenaid, some fancy clothes, and SHOES... but nothing settled right. If you know me I take FOREVER to buy things (esp. clothes) for myself. And once I do, I guilt and question myself until I take it back or just keep it. I'm pretty sure that Tyler would love to never again hear ... "Are you sure it looks okay?", or "turn around, I wanna take it back!".. haha

A couple of months ago, we were strollin around Gander Mt. and I saw it!!! The compound bow section! It was so beautiful! Everything looked so powerful and awesome. I was instantly starstruck. I knew what I wanted for the first time without having to double check or look at consumer reviews online for hours. So, I dropped down my huge wad of cash, and skipped out the store. YES! I don't think I asked Tyler any of those questions!

I've wanted to post this for a while, but kept waiting till I got some better pictures.. oh well these ones will have to work. I can't wait to actually kill something... like some gar, hogs, or a stray cat ( Mom Payne.. wink wink). hahaha But for now I just like to go to the range and shoot for fun. We've had a lot of fun with it so far.

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Kate said...

Jessica, you rock! If you get ambitious, got up north, shoot a moose, have extra meat...I've been craving moose lately. Ever had it as your meat in your spaghetti sause?