Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just what I needed.

Tonight after Institute Tyler and I had planned on going running. We were gonna bring Rachel in the jogging stroller, but then friends of ours volunteered to watch her while we ran. It felt so great to go running just the two of us. Then I spotted some puddles... and then running turned into mud wrestling and slipnslide. It was terrific.

We all go through rough patches... where we just don't know how things will ever work out,or if we'll ever be able to conquer certain demons in our lives. And well I must say, mud certainly helps. :)
Thats all I have say.
Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down.


Rebecca Cooper said...

nothin a good ole mud fight won't cure!!

Jeni said...

Dang! Why can't we see the whoooole effect? I'm dying to see!

I'm always too leary of laundry to try something like that! I bet it would be waaay awesome, though! You've inspired me! Maybe I'll have to say "Laundry Queen: Bite Me, I'm going ofr it!" Oh wait, at our house I AM the laundry queen. Aaaaaaah!

Kate said...

Does 'Tunnels' or 'The Grove' remind you of EFY 2003? Guess what, we were in the same group!! I was looking through my pictures today and said, holy hannah, that's Jessica!! I was the councelor of the other girl's group Veronica was paired with!! Crazy!! I tried the cell # I had for you and it didn't work and I didn't have an email so I thought this was the next best thing. I was exstatic!

Britney said...

cute feet! no, he can't walk yet. i meant that it's crazy that he's wearing clothes that are designed for babies who are old enough to walk. maybe that didn't make sense the way i said it. it seems like he and rachel are learning things at about the same pace. he's sort of crawling (not with his belly off the ground yet) and he's sitting up now. not walking yet!

Michelle and sometimes Jason said...

Yuck. No one should be cursed to see Tyler's legs. Take them off, quick! Please!!