Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Days

Rachel in her new LSU shirt Grandpa gave her.... and the brainwashing begins! haha
G. Grandpa and rach in the airport
Blue Bell Factory! Happy Birthday Mommy!
King of the Mountain
Biking to "The Rock"
On top of "The Rock"
Red Robins strawberry lemonades... we had like 7 of them
The babies and Me!
The Fam
Mikes sunburn... OUCH!
I think she liked the Harley
Riding Home!

This summer has been soooo much fun!!! Rachel and I have gone on a couple of big trips. People at church were beginning to ask Tyler if his wife left him! haha, poor tyler...

Rachel and I went to Colorado with my family to visit my aunt and uncle in Colorado. The boys went on a backpacking trip in Rocky Mt. National Park and the girls stayed back and enjoyed some playtime, relaxing, shopping, and BOW MAKING! haha I soooo wanted to go hiking, but that's difficult with a 3 month old. It was so fun. Hanging out with my Aunt Sarah is always a blast.

We also spent some time in Houston for my BIRTHDAY! WHOOP! We went to The Big Mamou (cajun resturant) and Desert Gallery (my all-time favorite deserts!!!). That same weekend my cousin Tyler just got back from Siberia, Russia and was giving his homecoming talk in church.
We also went to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory! I've been asking Tyler to go there for about a year now, and we finally did it! I've been there before, but this was Tyler's first time. It was pretty cool. Too bad baby Rachel can't eat ice cream yet, she had no idea what she was missing.

Next, my Mom, baby Rachel, and my Grandma and Grandpa Barrow, and I went to Utah to get a 5 generation picture with my Great Grandma, my Grandma, MOm, me, and lil' Rach. It was sooo cool. My Great Grandma is 97 years old! When we saw her, she immediately recognized my Mom and said to me and all the others, "Doesn't she just look like a little mother?" It was a special moment. We also had a big get-together at my Uncles house with tons a relatives that I didn't know I had, along with some others that I met several years ago when I went to BYU for an EFY. It was fun to get to know some of them.

We are so glad to finally be home!!!! It's been an awesome summer but baby and I are pooped! It feels good to be back in Aggieland. I'm sure going to miss this place when Tyler graduates.

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